Interesting Facebook Statistics Every Marketer Should Know In 2020

Facebook, the social media giant, has continued to enjoy impressive growth every year since it’s launch back in 2004. Even the recent COVID-19 crisis hasn’t slowed Facebook down. In fact, it has helped it grow that much larger in both active users and time spent on the platform.


With that being said, we are going to take a look at some interesting Facebook statistics every marketer should know in 2020 so you can see just how important an element Facebook is for your digital marketing campaign.


Facebook Demographics


  • Users 65 years and older are the fastest-growing group on Facebook.
  • Fewer teens are using Facebook now than in previous years.
  • Only 10% of Facebook users live in the US or Canada.
  • 74% of Facebook users are high-income earners.


Facebook Usage Statistics


  • 62 billion users visit Facebook daily.
  • 88% of Facebook users are on the platform to stay in contact with friends and family.
  • Highest traffic occurs mid-day Wednesday and Thursday.
  • In 2020, the average daily time on Facebook will remain flat.
  • Facebook Stories has 300 million active users daily.
  • 53% of adults on Facebook don’t understand how their newsfeed displays posts.


Facebook Ad Statistics


  • 94% of Facebook Ad revenue is from mobile.
  • The average price for Facebook Ads decreased 6% in 2019.
  • The average cost per click for a Facebook Ad is $1.72.
  • Overall Facebook Ad impressions increased 37% in 2019.


Facebook Video Stats


  • Mobile-friendly video generates higher engagement.
  • Users watch 85% of Facebook videos without sound.
  • Facebook users are 4x more likely to watch live streams than recorded videos.
  • Square Facebook videos get 35% more views than landscape videos.


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