Joe Phillips

The apprentice has recently started its seventeenth season. The popular show broadcast across BBC One sees Lord Alan Sugar mentor eighteen hopeful entrepreneurs. The prize for the winner; a £250,000 investment and Lord Sugar as a business partner.


His journey on The Apprentice may be over, but his journey with Social Buzzing is just getting started! Not to mention the adventures of Jungle Joe.


After getting the boot on Thursday night’s episode (9th February) of The Apprentice fans have taken to Twitter to express their anger.


Who is Joe Phillips?


Joe Phillips is one of the younger entrepreneurs entered into this year’s competition at only twenty-six years of age. Despite his younger years, Joe’s experience in both life and business has stood him in great stead throughout his time on the Apprentice.


Joe is a keen conservationist who looked to convey his love for all things nature through his role as a South African Tour Guide. Prior to his range of experiences in the business world, Joe’s love for conservation and sustainability can be traced back to his childhood where he reflects that he used to ‘run barefoot across the African Savannah. These childhood experiences led to his later studies where he studied a BSc Honours Degree in Zoology at the University of Exeter.


Whilst in his second year of University, Joe founded Falifornia, a cosmetic brand that ties itself close to the ethos of sustainability and ocean friendly products. As part of this business venture, he has launched his most recent product, Surf Balm. Surf Balm ties into Joe’s love of nature through the use of 100% natural and sustainable ingredients with local production which takes place in Cornwall, UK.


Outside of the business world, Joe has a keen passion for surfing and often be found riding the tides along the Cornish coastline in his free time.


Joe’s journey on The Apprentice

Despite his young age compared to the other contestants, Joe shone throughout his time on the Apprentice. Although Lord Sugar won’t be helping Joe save the ocean ‘one balm at a time’, Joe still managed to make a lasting impression during his time on The Apprentice.


Let’s take a look at the challenges Joe faced on his journey…


Episode one – Antigua Tourism


Set into two teams, the candidates of The Apprentice were challenged with selling tours in Antigua and turning a profit.


Episode Two – Bao Buns


Again, set into two teams, the candidates of The Apprentice were challenged with selling bao buns in Hutong, with the winning team determined by their overall profits.


Episode Three – Cartoons


Challenge three was a little different, the candidates of The Apprentice were challenged with creating a cartoon for young kids.


Episode Four – Brighton Discount Buying


Once again in two teams, the candidates of The Apprentice were challenged with grabbing a bargain. The winning team was determined by which team was able to purchase the most items for the lowest prices.


Episode Five – Electric Motorbike Advertising


Branding and pitching skills come into play in episode 5 as the candidates of The Apprentice were challenged with branding an electric motorbike which they would later be pitching to the panel.


Episode Six – Dubai Corporate Hospitality


The candidates of The Apprentice jetted off to Dubai for episode 6 to provide luxury clients with some hospitality. Again, split into two teams, one of luxury in the city, and the other sent to the desert. The two teams were challenged with providing a corporate away day for their client with the winning team being the team that turns the most profit.


What’s next for Joe?


As we said before, Joe’s journey on The Apprentice has ended, but his journey with Social Buzzing continues. Joe’s passion for saving the ocean will continue… one lip balm at a time.



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