Let SocialBuzzing Hone Your Festive Social Media Strategy – Ahead of the Competition

We’ve all heard that complaints that Christmas starts earlier every year – but any business wanting to capitalise on the busiest time of year will have already started to lay out their yuletide strategies. Social Buzzing is helping businesses get ahead of the festive competition with its strategic digital planning service. While the company specialises in social media management, businesses can also take advantage of the range of other services, from web design and blogging to SEO and marketing, designed to maximise their reach and increase engagement in that all-important run up to Christmas.


According to recent research from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), online sales during the Christmas period are drastically on the rise. In January 2014, BRC released data which indicated a huge 19.2% growth in internet purchases compared to last year’s figures. Thanks to its unmatched convenience, online shopping has emerged as the platform of choice for millions of Brits with buy Christmas schedules. As such, refining digital strategies in the lead up to Christmas is a critical step that businesses operating in all market sectors should be taking.


Founded last year, SocialBuzzing is the venture of University College London alumni, Vanessa Whitaker. As Founder and Managing Director, Whitaker is committed to driving the growth of her business and using social media to help other businesses do the same. All operations are carried out by the UK’s next generation of digital media professionals, with talented young social media managers and seasoned experts combining to create an online marketing tour de force – and with bases in both London and Chester, SocialBuzzing is perfectly positioned to take on clients in the capital and beyond.


Ms Whitaker said, “In the lead up to Christmas, nothing is as important as refining social media strategies and ensuring that every move you make has a purpose. Online sales are skyrocketing and we’re here to help businesses reap the benefits, push profits and make the most of digital technology.”


Throughout the festive season, Whitaker and her team will be providing clients with a comprehensive social media management service. Social media is the key area of expertise, used by SocialBuzzing’s digital gurus as a secret weapon to enhance online presence, build an online following, nurture customer relationships and ultimately increase bottom line. Also available are marketing and design services, SEO, website content creation, blog creation and advertising.


fea-image1 Already, SocialBuzzing has acquired an impressive portfolio of clients who are set to take Christmas consumers by storm. These include Click British, Aloe Clear, UK Jukeboxes, Good Health Box and Sheba Brick Lane. If you’d like your business to take a bigger slice of the online marketing pie, visit the Social Buzzing website to find out more about their services.


To find out more about Social Buzzing and how it’s helping business to make the most of the festive period, visit our homepage at: 0207 859 4100



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