How To Leverage Publicity With Social Media And SEO?

Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are omnipresent in today’s social and technological landscape. By integrating these platforms with traditional marketing strategies, businesses can improve their marketing efforts and expand their reach exponentially. To help your business get started with social media publicity, this blog post provides some helpful tips on how to leverage these channels from a search engine optimization perspective.


The most basic thing to do is to have a dedicated Facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest profile.


Pages help you to “claim” your presence more easily on each platform.


For example, if you run a blog, for the links you post on your blog and videos you post on YouTube, it would be silly not to have a page for them. As well as giving your links more visibility by making them “live”, having a page gives you the opportunity to add new and engaging content that is specific to each platform.


For example, you can have a page for your blog and posts, with a section of regularly updated content.


You would also have different tabs on the page to link to videos, blog posts and other resources or info; so people clicking on the video tab wouldn’t be automatically taken to all of your blog posts, but they can click on the blog tab to read more about your subject.


When you are talking about social media in terms of online publicity and marketing, it is essential that you have very high-quality and fresh content.


That is why one way to raise your social media profile for SEO purposes is to create regular content for your audience.


However, make sure that the news you share on social media platforms is relevant to your business; otherwise, you will be putting effort into something that won’t really do any good for your business.


You can choose how involved you want to be on each social platform. If you don’t post frequently, it won’t matter as much to your audience.


A good way to think about it is that on Twitter and Facebook, posting your updates every few hours will keep them fresh and interesting for your audience; but if you are only active in the morning or evening, it won’t seem as important or worthy of their time.


Bottom Line


In conclusion, the most important thing is to remember that social media should be used as a way to build trust and credibility. It’s one thing to run a Facebook page just to let people know that you have one, but it’s another thing entirely to use those platforms systematically.


When you are using social media for online publicity, everything revolves around the content. If there is not any new or interesting content being shared on your profile or page, there won’t be any engagement with your content. This will negatively affect your social media presence. If you are looking to hire a social media agency in London or an SEO agency in London, visit Social Buzzing.

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