Little Known Social Media Site Features

Social media sites are used by more and more people every day and they are fast becoming the go-to site for internet users from the time they get up in the morning until the time their heads hit their pillows at night. Are these people really using social media sites effectively or are they missing out on all that these sites have to offer? Social Buzzing has compiled a list of little known, yet effective, social media site features offered by the more popular networks.




Save links and read later:
You can save long stories on newsfeeds to read later. Look for the save option from drop down menu on the top right portion of the post.

Follow without adding as friend:
Did you know that it is possible to keep track of posts from someone without adding them as friends? ‘Follow’ button shows up just right of the ‘Add friend’ button. The best part of follow option is, the person does not have to follow you back or take any actions at all.

Reorganize page sections:
Fan-page administrators have the option to reorganize sidebar components. The ‘People’ and ‘About’ options are the exception to this rule though as they already take the top spots.




Profile tagging in photos:
You can tag friends in a Twitter pic with the upper limit being 10 and tags don’t count on the 140 character restriction.

Photo collage option:
Want to compose your story with multiple pictures? Try out the photo collage in your next tweet. Look for the ‘Add More’ option and use it multiple times in your post to keep adding multiple media entries.

Mute rather than unfollow:
Use the ‘Add More’ drop down to find the ‘Mute’ option and enjoy a more peaceful visit to Twitter.




Instagram is a bit different from the others in our list in that it requires the use of some third party apps to unlock its hidden potential.

Make collage:
Easy to use apps on smart phones can help you make collages and upload them to Instagram.

Repost a picture:
Manual addition can be done from your mobile or PC with the help of certain third party apps including Photo Repost, which allows you to view your home stream and choose photos for reposting.

Add image border:
Image borders on Instagram are relatively unknown. To use them, choose filter to reveal the icon box and start adding cool image borders right away.



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