Making Your Content More Visual

So, you already have the quality content and you are posting it across your social media pages ensuring that you are engaging and interesting to your followers. You post regularly, but not so often that the readers get bored. What’s next? More content? More Top 10 lists? Those are always popular, but perhaps your readers need something more visual in your next post. They want to see what they are reading about and the best way to do that is to add images to your articles. Can you just Google what you are looking for, download an image and paste it into your content? The answer to that is no as there are copyright rules that prevent us from just taking images that we find online and using them for our business purposes.

What is the small business owner to do then when they want high quality, relevant images to add to their social media content? There are two options, you can either pay for images through a professional image production company, or you can use any of the numerous free image sharing services found online. We are going to talk about the budget friendly second option and show you some of the best sites to find thousands of high quality images for your content.

Many of these sites offer free and paid images with the paid images being higher quality or more exclusive designs. For many small business owners, the free images suffice, it just takes some searching to find the right ones. Here is our list of some of the industry’s best free image sharing sites.

Pixabay-offers searchable images that require no attribution. You will also find some paid images that offer more variety.

Unsplash-adding 10 royalty free images every 10 days, Unsplash doesn’t offer a search feature and attribution is required for image use.

SuperFamous-no search feature and attribution required, but some very high resolution images.

PicJumbo-Easy to navigate with its search feature, PicJumbo offers quality images without attribution.

IM Free-offering some of the industry’s best images, even rivalling those of paid sites, IM Free offers a convenient search tool and does require attribution with every image used.

Gratisography-No attribution required for image use and Gratisography offers some of the most evocative images available.

FreeImages-FreeImages has one of the largest selections of free, searchable images in the industry and can be very useful when you are looking for a particular image that you can’t find anywhere else.

Picography-Small and simple to use, Picography lacks the features of the other sites, but offers some unique images.


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