Marketing Trends You Should Watch Out for This 2016

Online marketing evolves in a fast pace, and each year, you would see new hardware, software and user preferences. To develop a successful online marketing strategy or revamp your current one for your business in Cheshire, you need to stay up-to-speed on the latest trends. As 2016 is about to run to a full throttle, it is important that you are primed to take advantage of the latest trends, and with the help of a Cheshire marketing agency, you can take online marketing to the next level for your company.


Outbreak of Apps

When Google changed its algorithm to reward mobile-friendly websites, it started using information from indexed apps as a major factor in search rankings. Since then, app indexing has taken off, and business owners are slowly catching on, as apps are becoming more responsive to individual users and are becoming more convenient. While mobile sites are not going anywhere just yet, this year will be a turning point in the adoption of apps by business owners and managers.


More Video Ads

Though video ads are not new, they will definitely dominate more this year. For instance, Facebook and Bing have begun offering video options to advertisers, and more importantly, Google has included video content in their search engine algorithm, which is a significant step for online video ads.


Continued Dominance of Mobile Over Desktop

Mobile use, which surged in 2015 thanks to Google’s new algorithm, is expected to completely eclipse desktop usage this year. While desktop traffic will not entirely disappear, obviously Google is anticipating mobile traffic to dominate.


Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is expected to gain momentum in 2016, as after the release of the Apple Watch, competing smartwatches are scheduled to launch this year. In fact, consumer uptake of wearables is expected to increase by 35% per year between 2015 and 2019, which can have a significant impact on your marketing strategies. However, this technology would require online marketers and business owners to think about how to best provide on-the-go information and create content that would be easily searchable through voice commands.


More Adoption of Virtual Reality

Know that several virtual reality devices are scheduled to be released the coming years, where some are built for specific applications. The popularity of these apps will then usher in an entirely new form of online advertising that will connect popular social media platforms, direct messaging and video channels.


New Optimization Strategies

Before, most online marketing strategies have depended on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, but today, new digital assistants can be optimized to answer consumer queries. This year, more business owners will be looking to ensure their details can be easily found through virtual assistants, instead of simple listings on the web.


By identifying the next big thing with a Cheshire marketing agency, you can take advantage over your competition, reach new heights and further establish your reputation and expertise. Do not wait or shy about adopting new strategies, as you will miss out on the full benefits of new marketing opportunities. Speak with us here at Social Buzzing to discuss your needs.



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