Meme Marketing – The Future of Social Media Marketing?

Memes refer to the world of online jokes, catchy phrases, and relevant content that gets people laughing out loud. The concept of memes gained fame in the mid-90s when people started sharing image-based or video-based jokes to their online friends. There has been no looking back since then, now no one who has a social media account can escape the abundance of memes.


Why meme marketing?


Memes have become an integral part of our lives; every day, we come across thousands of memes as we scroll through our feeds on social media. We laugh at these funny memes, share it with our friends and can even feel validation after seeing some of them. Social media gives us personalised content based on the data collected from our screen time and habits. This personalisation has helped meme marketing climb the ladder, who doesn’t want to see jokes they relate with now and then?


Meme marketing is definitely the future of social media marketing, and all social media agencies, be it in India, the US or London realise this. Brands have understood that it is important to be relatable, funny, and on trend if it wants to capitalise on the use of digital marketing. Brands like Fevicol, Durex, Netflix, Apple and various other digital marketing agencies use meme marketing to create a strong brand identity.


Benefits of meme marketing


One of the major advantages of meme marketing is that this type of digital promotion doesn’t cost much. Brands are known to use this form of marketing to increase brand resonance and build a loyal online audience. Memes have more chance of going viral, increasing traffic for the company’s website and social media than other content. It is also the best tool to gain organic reach without spending a heavy budget on paid promotion.


Meme marketing includes:

  • Latest trends
  • Relatable content
  • Sarcasm
  • Humour
  • Viral videos


This generation of youngsters relate more to memes, and data shows that 70% of people online are privy to the manipulation of online ads. On the other hand, the humour of memes can quickly catch the attention of everyone. This is 2020, and every brand is trying to increase their online reach. With the swarm of editing apps like Meme generator, Photoshop, Canva, and IMGFlip that facilitate meme-making, all brands are trying to enter the digital space of memes. Social media is taking over the world, and memes are leading the charge.


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