How Much Should You Focus on Lockdown-Related Content?

The 2020 lockdown and the ensuing pandemic has brought upon significant paradigm shifts across industries, including digital marketing. Brands everywhere are dishing out content that is relevant to our times, and this means a lot of lockdown-related content.


Whether you are reading a blog post or scrolling through social media, you are most likely seeing a plethora of content from leading social media agency and content creators that offer tips to work productively from home, things you can do at home during the lockdown, the importance of social distancing and wearing masks, etc.


While it is true that content creators need to jump on trending events in the world and produce content accordingly, is it possible that too much of lockdown-related content may actually cause harm for your business? Is it possible that lockdown-related content may result in low traffic and engagement?


Why it may not work: Overstimulation is a huge problem


With consumers everywhere being bombarded by the same kind of content, that is, content about the coronavirus, the lockdown, and the worsening global economy, it is easy to become overstimulated. Reading distressing news and consuming content that doesn’t inspire positivity can take its mental and emotional toll on anyone, and for this reason, many people may choose to stay away from news, photos, articles, or posts that have anything to do with the 2020 pandemic.


Now, more than ever, people are very careful and deliberate about the kind of content that they consume because they are aware of the effects it has on their mental health. This calls the need for more content with a positive tone.

Why it works: Staying updated and relevant


On the other hand, any top digital marketing agency may argue that producing lockdown-related content is the smart move because it is relevant. The lockdown is something that the entire world is going through, and this collective experience is likely to result in higher search volumes for lockdown-oriented keywords and phrases.


This is indeed true. People are going to be more interested in something that is relevant to them, something that they can connect with and have experienced. The great news is that it is possible to make the best of both worlds. You can create lockdown-related content that inspires positivity and inspiration.


For example, instead of writing about how grim the future looks, or all the things that we are missing out on because of the lockdown, you can choose to focus on content along the lines of important lessons that the lockdown has taught us, or the benefits of working from home. A good social media agency Chester will know how to find the perfect balance between relevancy and positivity.


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