How Much Should You Pay for Digital Marketing?

Here at Social Buzzing, one common question we get about digital marketing is how much it will cost. Like many business decisions, the money is a highly constraining factor. There’s no easy and short answer for this question. The amount that you should pay can vary by a lot, depending on many factors such as the size of your business, the experience level of the digital marketing agency and more. The discrepancy in cost among digital marketing agencies could make it difficult for business owners to define a proper digital marketing budget.


There are many different channels included in digital marketing campaigns and you need to allocate your budget across these channels. Currently, it is still acceptable to allocate a balanced budget between both online and offline advertising methods. However, this approach is not applicable for companies that want to focus their entire advertising budget on online channels especially if their business is online only.


The Size of Your Business Should Decide Your Marketing Budget


The answer, then, depends on the size of your business and the amount of money that you are able to spend for marketing purposes. As with offline channels, every bit of your advertising budget should bring in the biggest return. It can be anywhere between £100 and £1,000 per month for the average small business. The next goal is to define which components of digital marketing that you need to focus on.


Mobile Marketing


Mobile device usage has reached a point where mobile marketing should become a major part of your campaign. It includes conventional SEO, social media advertising and in-app advertising. People often browse online, access social media, watch videos and use apps through mobile devices. You can embed advertisements in each of these mobile-based activities.


Market Characteristics


The amount of your digital marketing fund is ultimately defined by your market, the market’s characteristics and the nature of your business operation. If the market is highly competitive, you will need to allocate more money to stand out. If your audience responds better to videos, you will need to allocate more money there, because video production is more expensive than content writing and image creation.


Social Media Marketing


If your audience responds better to social media messages, the amount that you need to spend on digital marketing is affected as well. Facebook remains the leader in the social media industry, which requires you to deliver information as text, images and videos. If your audience has a strong presence in Twitter, you will spend less money; because you will mostly need to type in short text.


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