Online Reputation Management Now Crucial Strand of Marketing, say Social Media Experts Social Buzzing

In the world of online marketing, a brand is only as good as its reviews – which is why leading social media management experts Social Buzzing offer a stellar reputation management service as part of their comprehensive package.


Almost 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and almost three quarters state that good reviews can give them more trust in a brand – the overwhelming statistics demonstrate beyond all argument that reputation management is now one of the most crucial strands of online marketing for small businesses trying to make a name for themselves.


Operating on slim budgets and with plenty to worry about besides social media, many small businesses nowadays can’t justify hiring a full-time, permanent reputation manager – step forward, Social Buzzing. The company offers a total social media management service , with a reputation management element included. From responding to critical reviews on social networks, to ensuring that queries are dealt with in a professional way, the team managing every Facebook, Twitter and Google+ account cover every base to ensure that the reputation of a brand remains intact.


Vanessa Whitaker, Founder and Director of Social Buzzing says, “Once we’ve leveraged our expertise in order to attract new customers to a brand, we also ensure that the brand’s newly-boosted reputation remains strong online through reputation management. Word-of-mouth marketing and online reviews now have a huge sway on consumers’ purchase decisions, and it’s never been more important to ensure that there’s someone around to handle to complaints and dispel bad reviews if necessary.”


As many as 89% of consumers go online to do additional research when it comes to choosing a product – especially when the product is of high-cost, like a car or a holiday. If the first thing that these consumers see when they visit a Facebook or Twitter page is a stream of complaints or poor reviews, they are significantly less likely to place an order with them.


However, if a company is making an effort to respond to both negative and positive comments, it can boost the perception of that organisation. 7 in 10 consumers in one survey said that seeing a brand respond to comments showed that they cared about customers, had great customer service credentials and were more trustworthy than competitors.


Ms Whitaker adds, “Honesty and authenticity are the cornerstones of online reputation management nowadays – but not all businesses can spare the time necessary to monitor their social media accounts in this way. Our service gives businesses a way to manage their reputation on a full-time basis without the time or substantial financial investment.”


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