Project Management for Brands through Social Media

Social channels are often believed to only create engagement. Brands should believe otherwise because these media can offer a lot more, particularly in assisting project management.


Alternative Channels of B2B Approach

According to critics social media cannot be effective in getting business-to-business (B2B) leads compared to business events, telemarketing, and trade summits. Arguably, the content marketing for B2B is centered on the social media.


The competitive edge of social media has been based in alternative B2B channels. Sometimes, it supplements conferences or inside sales such as Google Hangout, increase client referrals such as YouTube, and connect employee with recruiter indirectly such as LinkedIn.


Successful Management of Project

Most managers of B2B have old-fashioned or outdated understanding about the importance of social media for managing projects. On the contrary, the significance of social media will promote communication, innovation, and reduce costs for project management.


The lifecycle of projects is complicated, but with early diagnosis, a considerable amount of time and money can be saved. This can be done by getting rid of the bottlenecks in client communication and inter-team communication.


In this regard, social channels will be able to share spaces such as online communities to help employees in determining the inflow and outflow of project information. By easing communication, B2B can help workers access a variety of tools.


Cost-Efficiency through Social Media

Basically, project management costs can be reduced with the implementation of social media tools. Try to imagine hiring developers to create an environment for internal project management. This can be a costly endeavour, but getting virtual workspaces instead offer lower cost to increase productivity and connect employees.


Strategic Approach Using Analytics

Project managers particularly those working in the IT domain would not risk separating social analytics and project management. If they do so, they are going to pay a huge sum of money.


Acquiring of information from data gives project management an edge. This can be done through cutting-edge tools such as analytics to provide managers with information and not data. The visualisation of data is the newest trend in analytics which in turn increases social campaign efficiency.


Additionally, according to a consulting firm based in the U.S., McKinsey & Company, social analytics tools will be able to reduce the cost of project management by about fifteen to twenty percent.


Applying Key Performance Indicators

The significance of key performance indicators (KPI) has become a huge factor in the development of project lifecycle. Through KPI, managers will be able to create benchmarks that offer updates on performance of projects. This will enable the prediction of outcomes in terms of project delivery.


Other tools are sometimes termed as web applications instead of social media. However, it does not matter as social media is considered a term that is all-encompassing. Tools with built-in KPI still offer social frameworks in which workers can interact.


Hybrid Interface through Social Media

The collaboration of project management and social media has given a new hybrid interface. This is also known as the productive social environment in which people can collaborate and communicate with each other, instead of wasting time chatting, in order to get the intended output.


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