How to Properly Use Hashtags in Social Media

It’s easy to abuse hashtags in social media and sadly, many UK small business owners think they are being on-trend in doing so. It is important to stop misusing hashtags and, for many users, take a “hashtag crash course” before using another one. For those who don’t know what a hashtag is (yes, there are some who don’t), hashtags are a group of keywords (without spaces) that begins with the # sign. As an example, #socialbuzzing is a shorthand for people who are looking for the latest posts about Social Buzzing in social media. Any social media user can create a hashtag and use it easily.

You can add hashtags to your posts, so people who are searching for specific topics could find relevant information. This is a great marketing method and your selection of hashtags should come from your keyword plan and SEO team directly. Good hashtags should be the name, type, features and category of your product. You may also think about related ideas and keywords that can enhance your primary hashtags.

Why Do We Need Hashtags? 

So, why bother with hashtags if you already use keywords? If you are selling products in social media, you will see that there is a lot of competition. Getting a first page rank can be technically impossible and purchasing ads consistently will become too expensive. When people search by hashtags, results are ordered by time. So, if you use a hashtag regularly, it’s more likely for people to find you.

How to Create a Hashtag 

When creating hashtags in social media, you need to leave out spaces. You can use only numbers and letters for a hashtag to work. Plurals and tenses matter, and #socialmedialike and #socialmedialikes will not yield similar results. If you want to make a unique hashtag for your product, make sure that it’s not already in use. If the competition already uses the same hashtag, it will be more difficult for you to stand out. Whatever you do, don’t overuse your hashtags. Some people use a long list of hashtags in all of their posts. Your post will look more credible and be more readable if you use no three hashtags or less. Using too many hashtags can easily annoy your audience. You will lose your credibility and no one will take you seriously if you seem too “spammy” with your hashtags.

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