Reaching More Customers with Social Media this Holiday Season

Social media is a powerful small business marketing tool and, when used properly, it can make reaching more customers easier during the holiday season. To be able to hit your year-end goals, you need to be creative with your holiday marketing and the best way to do that is through your social media pages. In fact, Chester digital marketing firms will often recommend increasing your focus on social media during the holidays as it is a resource that is affordable and can provide the best return on your holiday marketing investment.


We all know that posting new and interesting content on social media will help you reach your target audience more effectively and create more sales during the holiday season. For many businesses, that isn’t enough and they will need to go beyond organic search results and create a social media marketing campaign that has a much bigger impact on their followers.


Let’s take a look at some ways your business can reach more customers using innovative social media marketing techniques:


Create a Facebook event- the Facebook Events function doesn’t get used enough by small businesses. Whether you have a special event scheduled or not, you can use this feature for special sales that your business is having. Why is it important to use the Facebook events feature for a sale? When you create an event on Facebook, your customers will get reminders of the event in their notification center. Not only does it remind your followers, it will also show their friends and anyone in the area or region where your event is happening.


Don’t forget hashtags- especially when using Twitter, you don’t want to forget hashtags. Whether you like them or not, hashtags are very useful tools that can help lead customers to your content. Just be careful not to overdo it as this can make your post seem insincere.


Always use Twitter’s advanced search function and location tagging- location is important to the Twitter social media platform and as a local business owner, you can use Twitter’s location-based features to increase awareness of your business. How? Any time you post a new tweet, toggle “On” the location setting and mark the location of your business. Then, use Twitter’s advanced search to find potential customers by setting a location, then adding keywords that are suitable for your products or services.


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