Seven Ways to Make Content More Readable on Social Media

Good content on social media is a combination of the proper arrangement of letters, numbers and symbols to make something that is readable, interesting and unique. Paying attention to the small details can enhance the effectiveness of content on any social media platform and provide greater results. Unfortunately, social media offers little to no option for advanced customization and content on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook often looks largely identical.


To be effective at social media marketing and creating content for your social media platforms, there are some things to consider. First, choosing a digital marketing agency that has hundreds of positive reviews online and that is committed to their clients’ success is important. They will create unique, high quality content for your business that can boost your online sales and create growth for your business.


Here are some more things that marketers can do to make their content more readable on social media:


  1. Create a recognizable pattern: Twitter and Facebook don’t provide an option to alter styling, fonts and color. However, there are tools and tricks to do that. Once choosing the right pattern, marketers should stick with something that’s clean, simple and memorable.


  1. Keep the content short: People will understand the core message more if marketers are able to keep it short. People will be able to read more easily and get the maximum impact from the content.


  1. Make the content appear big enough on mobile devices: Today, people are more likely to access social media platforms through mobile devices. It means that text and images will appear much smaller. Tiny text on the images can be hard to read or completely unreadable, so be sure to test out any image on a mobile device to make sure that people can still read comfortably.


  1. Choose the right size for everything: Social media platforms have specifications for proper image sizing. Improper selection of size can cause unintended cropping or images can become blurry.


  1. Follow the rules: Every social media platform has rules for text and images. As an example, ads in Facebook require that text used in images must make up less than 20 percent. If marketers violate these rules, it is possible that their images will be taken down.


  1. Combine images and typography properly: Beautiful imagery and strong typography can be highly communicative and eye-catching. Proper selection of font styles will make everything easily readable.


  1. Don’t overdo anything: When marketers and designers feel particularly creative, it is easy to overdo some of the elements. As an example, it is possible to add too many identical typographic images. It is a good idea for marketers to intersperse typographic and visual elements between multiple posts, to make their feed appear visually interesting.


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