Should You Use Multichannel Marketing?

When you want to interact with your target audience and want your brand to be remembered, you need to make sure you are employing the best marketing methods. Multichannel marketing is when you employ various platforms, like social media, television, mobile, and print, so you can distribute your marketing effort and widen your reach. So why should you consider using this marketing method?


It delivers a consistent brand across multiple channels.

Each marketing platform has its pros and cons, and by using multiple methods you can maximise the potential of each while delivering your brand message to a wider audience. Remember that one way to build the trust of your customers is to breed familiarity and to provide consistency. You need to be easily recognisable and build confidence in your business. Also, by being visible through various channels, you can solidify your message and keep on communicating with clients from different demographics. This is important when your target customers come from varying age groups and have different preferences for the types of advertising they are most receptive to.


It lets you test the market.

In relation to the first point, multichannel marketing lets you determine which platforms are most effective for your target audience. Should you focus more on your Facebook and Twitter campaigns rather than Instagram and Snapchat? Are your television ads still getting the most ROI or has it shifted to your online efforts? By identifying such factors, you can learn how your customers are interacting with each channel, and intelligently assess which campaigns you should invest in more and which ones you should drop.


It provides your consumers with more convenience.

With the technology and comforts that exist today, this is an age of convenience. And consumers want convenience. Just look at how popular online shopping is. Multichannel marketing can make it easier for your customers to buy from you or promote you. For example, if you have a corporate event, you can allow people to message you on social media for tickets and you can send them electronic tickets in their emails. Mobile marketing lets your consumers stay connected to your brand, promotions, and events while they’re up and about. Email campaigns allow busy individuals who don’t have time to read your latest offers at the moment to mark your message then get back to it later and freely browse your promotions at a more convenient hour.


Some Tips

Just like any other marketing strategy, multichannel marketing will also require trial and error. And you don’t have to launch your campaign across all platforms at the same time. You can start with two or three, then change, add, or deduct as you go along, depending on the results you are getting. You can also study which channels are most popular among your targeted demographic and focus on those at first. Take note also of localising your campaigns because the way certain demographics respond in one location may be different from another region. Finally, multichannel marketing doesn’t have to be used for all your campaigns if you don’t have the budget for it. For instance, you can use it to advertise a big company event but stick to just one marketing platform for your regular advertising needs.


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