Your Small Business Marketing Tune-Up For September

The autumn sales season is officially upon us and that means many small businesses are gearing up for the festive holiday sales season as well. To be fully prepared for the busiest season of the year, your business must be in tip-top shape and it must be operating as efficiently as possible.


This is where we come in. With years of experience as London’s leading digital marketing agency, Social Buzzing has the knowledge and experience today’s business owners need to grow their businesses and prepare for the increased business. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some helpful tips that will help you make your business more efficient and ready for the festive holiday sales season that is right around the corner.


Use these tips to make September/October a great month for sales and growth:


Evaluate Major Competitors- in today’s digital landscape, it is important for small businesses to strategically position themselves. Small businesses must evaluate market leaders to see how they can improve their own customer experience and branding. Success requires a marketing strategy that fully focuses on enhancing online brand and experience. Regular audits of competitors can help small business improve and refine their digital marketing efforts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


Make The Business Fraud-Proof- with the increased use of digital technology, businesses are becoming more prone to fraud and cyberattacks. It is less likely for customers to engage in in-person transactions if they are not confident about the security of the website. Contactless payments, digital wallets, and cards are convenient to use, but they must have solid security protections. The pandemic has given rise to more widespread online transactions, which also increases the incidences of frauds.


Low Quality Content- many business owners make the mistake of posting less interesting or controversial content about their products and services. This may result in poor effectiveness or a backlash from the public. Poorly thought out content may cause the audience to receive your marketing message wrong. A small oversight can be seen as insensitivity or even overt racism. Despite your best intentions, a poor choice of content may wind up ruining your online brand. We have seen how social media blunders happen to market leaders and to the best of companies. You must brainstorm new and creative ideas. Once a few potential ideas are selected, it is important to see them from different perspectives to avoid offending certain groups of audience.


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