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Social Buzzing Allows Students and Graduates to Balance Work and Studies With Unique Placements


Social Buzzing, one of the UK’s leading social media management services, is offering students and graduates alike the chance to balance work with their studies as they attempt to crack the increasingly volatile jobs market. The positions, which allow younger people to gain valuable work experience while they continue to work towards a degree, are paving the way for lucrative careers in the industry for talented students with a knack for online marketing.


Founded by a University College London alumni growing disillusioned with the shrinking jobs market, Social Buzzing wouldn’t have become the success that it is without the hard work and dedication of graduates – most notably Vanessa Whitaker, Founder and Managing Director. Ms Whitaker was inspired to start her own company straight out of university, after years of honing her skills at Kings College London, and now is pioneering a scheme that offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to balance their work and their studies.


Ms Whitaker says, “The beauty of social media management is that it can be done remotely, from any location. Many companies need their staff to commit to full-time hours in an office, usually in London, and this has the potential to isolate many people living outside the capital. At Social Buzzing we do offer placements to students and graduates, and they can work while they study, or while they wait to bag a place on a graduate scheme.”


She adds, “I was one of the graduates who had grown frustrated with the lack of jobs in the field back in 2009, and I founded Social Buzzing as a response to a jobs market that was less willing to take a chance on the younger members of society. I know better than anyone that students and graduates can often put a real spark into a company, which is why we work closely with these younger people to help give them the experience they need to succeed in this online arena.”


Social Buzzing is a unique prospect for students and graduates, because it allows them to gain that crucial experience that will set them apart from their peers, without sacrificing their studies or dropping out of university to do so. The positions at Social Buzzing offer them the chance to work hands-on with unique social media and online marketing projects, giving them vital experience that will put some extra sparkle onto their CVs.


Ms Whitaker continues, “I’m thrilled that we are now in a situation where we can offer this invaluable role to students and graduates trying to get ahead. The jobs market is overcrowded, and as someone who has experienced this first-hand, I’m pleased we’re able to give something back and set young people on the path to success.


Social Buzzing is always looking to partner with new companies and search for more dynamic graduates to improve their team. To find out more about Social Buzzing, or to enquire about empty positions visit the website:


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