Social Buzzing hits the Press

Social Buzzing hits the Press

Social Buzzing over the last few weeks has recently been featured in a number of high profile press articles. Take a look and see what all the buzz is about…


London University Alumnus Urges Graduates to Take Charge of their Careers After Online Accolade

One Kings College alumnus is issuing a rallying cry to all graduates finding it tough to crack the jobs market, after the business she set up once finishing university received a prestigious online accolade. SocialBuzzing was founded by Vanessa Whitaker in 2012 and has now been ranked as the overall top-seller on popular online marketplace, PeoplePerHour, cementing its status as one of the premier social media and digital marketing services in the UK.


Former Queens School pupil and local Chester girl Vanessa Whitaker founded SocialBuzzing after graduating from Kings College, London, in 2009, with a degree in Business Management and a strong focus on marketing and social media. The job market in the UK was hugely competitive, and Vanessa was inspired to start her own company and forge a career path that wasn’t dictated by others.


The company, based in London and Chester, was an instant success – it went from strength to strength and 18 months ago, Vanessa signed the firm up to PeoplePerHour, where it would provide services such as social media management and SEO to customers across the country.


Just recently, PeoplePerHour sent an email to Ms Whitaker confirming that the company had achieved a unique accolade. Now, SocialBuzzing is ranked as the account which has sold the most Hourlies on the whole site – a site which has thousands of members and sees hundreds of thousands of pounds deposited in Escrow every day. After selling just under 200,000 hourlies in 18 months, the founder of SocialBuzzing is now speaking out to the hundreds of graduates across the country and encouraging them to have the confidence to start their own business.


Ms Whitaker says, “The jobs market nowadays is so competitive for graduates, especially with record numbers of young people heading to university and obtaining a degree. I hope that my own personal venture in SocialBuzzing can show recent graduates that there isn’t one predefined route to success, and that if they have the confidence to strike out on their own, they might find that forging their own career path is better suited to their skillset and their own personality.”


With stiff competition across the PeoplePerHour site, SocialBuzzing’s online recognition is testament to the success of the venture. Their plethora of advertising and social media Hourlies are being snapped up in their hundreds and the business has dozens of high profile clients across a multitude of sectors.


Ms Whitaker adds, “There is not only one route to success, and with sites like PeoplePerHour and the doors that the internet has opened nowadays, there is nothing to stop any of the UK’s graduates from taking charge of their own future. My success story proves that all you need is self-belief and a strong work ethic to build a triumphant online business.”


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