Social Media Management-DIY or Outsource?

A topic that is almost always being debating in today’s business community is whether or not they should manage their own social media campaigns. There are many companies out there who believe that their employees can properly maintain their social media accounts effectively while still handling their daily workload. This isn’t usually the case and it tends to lead to a lot of time and valuable resources wasted. Those who believe that social media management should be outsourced often see greater results in less time and are given a much better return on their investment.

To put this plainly, some companies just don’t have the in-house knowledge that it takes to run a social media campaign effectively and they should seek a professional social media management firm. There really isn’t right answer to this though; it really is up to the company itself and they should decide what is in their best interest and what their specific goals are when it comes to social media management.

Many new businesses don’t have the time or resources it takes to run a successful social media campaign so they should seek the kind of help that can give them more of a presence online. Unlike many larger businesses who have dedicated employees who handle their social media accounts, the small businessman can’t afford the time it takes so a social media management firm is his best, if not only, option.

Still, it doesn’t matter the size of the company or the lack of time or resources, what it comes down to is “does the person in charge of your social media accounts really know what they are doing?’ Just because an employee spends a lot of time online chatting on Facebook, doesn’t make them an expert. They don’t have the knowledge to properly lead a successful campaign nor do they have the passion that a true professional has. They do have a good understanding of the business itself and sometimes that can prove to be a benefit.

Outsourced social media managers have the passion and knowledge it takes to generate results, but they must have a good communication system in place with the company so their content is in-line with the company brand. This can be difficult to both establish and maintain and it takes an experienced social media management firm to pull this off correctly. Choose one wisely and understand that your social media accounts will be in good hands and you will soon see remarkable results.

Deciding if your company needs a social media management firm to handle your social media accounts can be difficult, but, when in doubt, call on the professionals at Social Buzzing and let us show you what we can do for your brand today.



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