What Social Media Marketing Challenges Does Your Small Business Face?

The world that small businesses face today is challenging to say the least. As a small business owner, we tend to wear many hats and if something needs to get done, it is usually us that has to do it. We are faced with the task of generating more sales, building a stronger customer base and meeting our social media marketing goals on a daily basis and, although our businesses may be different, we still all face the same social media marketing challenges as everyone else in business today.


We have listed some of the more common challenges that the small business owner might face below. Take a look at them and see which ones you are struggling with and how you can deal with each one.


1. Designing a Website That Drives Conversions. 85 percent of consumers judge the quality of a brand by its online presence, including its website and activity on social media. It is a good idea for your business to engage a trained professional who can handle this critical marketing aspect for you. Hiring a social media management firm to manage your social media pages and help drive more conversions is the obvious choice.


2. Creating Content That Appeals To Your Target Audience and the Search Engines. Content creation takes up a lot of a small business owner’s time. For this reason, a popular trend is to outsource content creation to professionals that are dedicated to this task.


3. Clearly Defining Your Target Audience. Be sure to know who your target audience is and relate well to them through social media. Targeting the wrong audience will just mean you are spinning your wheels and wasting a lot of time and marketing dollars.


4. Becoming More Mobile Friendly. Users that access the Internet from a mobile device is expected to reach 1.7 billion by the end of this year. This means that your business should have a website that is conducive to mobile viewing as well as including mobile optimized landing pages and email campaigns.


5. Increasing Customer Engagement. Brands that experience the most customer engagement have a higher conversion rate and increased online presence. Social media is the best way for you to engage with your customers and hiring a good social media management firm can help take the guesswork out of this challenge.


Many of these social media marketing challenges can be overcome by partnering with an experienced social media management company. To learn more about our services and the work we’ve down with other small businesses, contact us today.



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