Social Media Marketing: Significant Phases on How to Reach and Engage Your Customers

Having engaged and happy employees is good for the business. However, engaging both the members of your team and your target market is better. How else can you strategise but with the use of social media? Traditional advertising still works but complementing it with digital marketing will take your marketing up a notch.


With social media, you take your customers to a journey which you should ensure to be informative, with clear directions and supportive. To help you get started, here are the significant phases they go through when learning about your business using social media.


Brand Awareness Phase

This is the first and most significant part of the journey a customer takes when learning about your product or service. By making an impression, your target audience will stay on your website and be interested to read on. Here, potential customers are introduced to your products and brand. Having said that, ensure to have informative, interesting, compelling and entertaining content. This is your chance to include content that will include relevant topics. One way to do this is to come up with well-written content and a responsive website so they can learn about your brand using the laptops and smart devices. Moreover, take advantage of paid promotional features on a myriad of social networks to reach a broader audience.


Research Phase

The second phase is where you need to get down to the nitty-gritty of things. Your audience will fancy learning more about your products or services. This is also the part where they will be looking for specific details or links to a particular brand they have their eyes on. It is imperative to ensure information about your company, its features and benefits it has to offer your potential customers are emphasized.  See to it that you include links to your product and services, FAQs, contact information and customer service. Giving them what they need to know will make customer experience memorable.


Proof and Validation Phase

After learning about your products before deciding to invest in a particular product, your customers need to have some proof that they are making the right move and getting their money’s worth. Feedback from other customers, testimonials and reviews can give them the validation they are looking for. Ensure that these areas are covered and that your website is included in review sites and product pages. Also, you can use different social media channels to post reviews of existing and satisfied customers and motivate others to give their two cents. Including guest blog posts from bloggers with sites relevant to your business is also an effective way to extend your reach.


Decision-making Phase

This is where paid targeting campaigns come into the picture. Twitter and Facebook can help you encourage previous customers who have already checked out your website. Additionally, this is the phase where discounts and other promotional offers like freebies and vouchers can turn into conversions.


Retention Phase

This is the part where you have the chance to have repeat customers who come back to buy other products or to check for new promotions and new offerings. Use social media to remind your customers about your brand and invite them to go visit your website again. Be open for feedback and suggestions from previous customers. Sending newsletters and posting these announcements on your social media channels are effective ways to achieve this.


If you look at your business from your customers’ perspective, you can apply social media marketing effectively and know what your audience needs to learn about your brand. This way you can reach and engage your customers.


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