Social Media SEO Is Simple – Give Google What It Wants

The vast majority of social media management companies tend to complicate Search Engine Optimization, transforming it into somewhat of a black box when, in reality, it’s actually a very simple process. All you have to do is give Google what it wants.


If you think about what Google wants, SEO couldn’t be simpler. There are two core parts of SEO: First, it’s important to have unique, high-quality content on your pages, commonly referred to as On-Page Factors. Second, to actually increase your rankings, you need a continuous steady flow of high-quality one-way links back to your site, otherwise known as Off-Page Factors. Great content on your site tells Google your site is worthy of being on the first page of the search results, and the Off-page factors, or links, actually increase your rankings and get you to that first page spot.


Get Your Page Noticed With Quality Content

Once again, it’s important to note, having unique, high-quality content on your site will not increase your rankings or get you on the first page of Google; rather, Google wants to provide only the best search results to its end-users, and they ensure this by analyzing your site’s content. If your website has low-quality or poor content, you can get ranked on the first page of Google with enough links back to your site; however, the risk is a human reviewer at Google may analyze your site’s content, see that its quality is poor, and take away your first page rankings.


Keep Your Customers Talking

Off-Page factors — i.e. link building — are easy to understand in terms of how they increase your rankings in Search Engines. Google looks at a link from one site to another as a vote, and you could think of each keyword as having its own popularity contest. The more votes or links your website receives for a given keyword, the higher your website will rank for that keyword. In other words, Google assesses more weight to what other people say about your website, rather than what you say about your website, and will rank your site higher accordingly.


Don’t let other people make social media SEO sound more complicated than it is. SEO is all about having a website with great content and quality one-way links back to your site for specific keywords. It’s as simple as that!



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