Is Social Media Taking Over for Websites?

With ever advancing popularity of social media for business, many industry experts are saying that business websites could soon be a thing of the past. With social media taking over for many business’ websites, email and phone as their customer service outlets, it makes sense that this could happen everywhere very soon.

One of the main reasons we are seeing this trend is because social media builds relationships and works very well with other marketing outlets, with websites as no exception. Should social media take over for a company’s website then? We say no; keep reading to find out why.

Your company’s website is an important part of your marketing presence and whether you feel that it is important or not, your customers do. Don’t risk skipping a website and jumping right into social media, the payoff is not worth the time saved. Social media should work in conjunction with your website, not in place of it.

There are a number of good reasons why your website is crucial and the most important one is that you own the website and the content in it. With social media, you could lose all of your information, your pages and your fans in a matter of seconds. We have seen many social media platforms change over the years, some even disappearing. We can argue that some of today’s popular platforms are so big that there is no way they could go away. Think for a minute about MySpace, remember them? Not many people do, but they were giants in their day and then one day, almost instantly, everyone seemed to forget about them.

The changes that take place on many social media platforms may or may not work for your business. For that reason, you have to constantly stay on top of the changes and adapt as necessary. Social media works extraordinarily well for businesses as long as the business owner knows what they are doing.

This isn’t to say that we should drop social media altogether and just focus on our websites. Websites aren’t the only business solution we need; they are just a necessary piece of the puzzle just as social media is. We shouldn’t try to run with one over the other, we need them both to achieve the business success we are looking for.

Just as a good website and a well-managed social media campaign are important pieces of the business puzzle, so are your email, blogs and marketing platforms and they should all be looked at equally. Giving the customers more ready-to-use information is the key to keeping them engaged and building your business.

Using social media WITH your website, not INSTEAD of it is the best way to build a strong following, engage with your customers and ensure the continued growth of your business.



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