Social Media Tools for Working Smarter, Not Harder

There are a lot of businesses that are struggling with social media. From knowing what to post, to keeping up with their posting, social media can become very time consuming and difficult to manage. There are a variety of tools that we can use to be more effective on social media and knowing which ones to use for your business can be just as difficult as managing your social media in the first place.


Social Buzzing has put together a list of tools that will ease your social media workload and enable you to become more effective in less time.



Socedo is a lead generating tool that automates the lead identification and engagement process giving its users report and sales funnel optimization.



Cyfe reports detailed social-media analytics, SEO, AdWords, Google Analytics and brand mentions and lets you compare the data all in one place. This can be used for competitor research, industry research and advertising.



Nuvi enables users to access and deliver analytics on private and public Facebook posts. It will give you the analytical data for a topic based on public and private content making it essential for content marketing and businesses who want insight into what people are saying about their brand.



BuzzSumo allows you to keep track of data like most shared, top authors, content analysis and items that are trending. You can compare today’s data with data from a year ago and set and manage content alerts. This enables BuzzSumo users to see what is working for their company and see how people are reacting to them.


All of these tools are very useful at enabling small business owners to manage their social media pages more effectively and what works for your business, may not work for another. Give these a try and see which one you like best and find one that will save you time and make your social media efforts more effective.



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