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Is Your Social Media Working for You?

So you’ve started your business, set up some social media accounts and you even have some follower. You’ve done everything you should but is it enough? Is your social media campaign working for you or are you working for it? Using social media to drive sales, increase leads and build a strong online following takes some skill, some dedication and some practice. Use it right and you will reap the rewards; use social media improperly and you will be wasting valuable business resources.


Social media can do a lot for your business, but you have to establish the right mindset to make it work for you. An incredible social media presence can’t make up for areas that are lacking in your business plan. To really make social media work for you, here are some things to look at in your business mindset that might be lacking or may just need some tweaking for you to get in board the social media bandwagon.


Know WHY You Need Social Media

Are you just using social media because it’s what everyone else is doing? Do you feel pressured to use Facebook but really don’t know how or why you are using it? Running a social media campaign without really knowing why you are doing it doesn’t make much sense. You have to know what you are doing so you don’t waste resources and you have to know why you are doing it so you have direction.


Establish the “why” of social media and you will soon understand the “how”. Maybe you want to spread the word about new products or promotions or maybe you want to engage more with your customers to provide better service and understand more of what they really want. Social media can do all of this for you and more so establish what you want out of it to get the most in return.


Put in the Effort

Successful social media campaigns take time; if you want to see results, you have to put in the effort and be patient. Don’t give up after the first month because you don’t see the results you want, consistency is the key.


Many small businesses see social media as a free resource and any time something is free, it isn’t worth much. The truth is, social media isn’t free at all. Sure, you can sign up for free, gain new followers for free and even post important messages about your business, all for free. But what about the time and effort you put into it? Your time is valuable and it should be treated as such. Social media is far from free if you want to be successful at it; it won’t cost you a lot of money, but it will require some effort for it to pay off.


Uninteresting Content

Is your blog or web content boring? Is it relevant and inspiring? Your content needs to establish a human connection if you want to attract attention and more followers. Social media is all about the people, the relationships and the bonds they form. We crave human interaction, which is what makes social media so popular.


Add new life to your content by making it more personal and enjoyable to read. Ask the reader some questions and get them to interact more with the article or blog post. Show a more personable side of your business and add something interesting that your site visitors will want to read. In sales there is a thing called the know/like/trust factor and using it successfully can lead to more sales and more repeat business. Engage with your customers over social media and your business will grow accordingly.


As soon as you learn what you need to know to run a successful social media campaign, you can begin making it work for you. Take a look at how you engage with your audience, what you are looking for from social media and why you need a good social media campaign and you will have a much easier time utilizing social media and making it work for you.



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