Staying Human on Social Media

Social media has grown in popularity for many businesses around the world and Facebook is one platform that has worked with the small business crowd to create useful features that make marketing a business on the social media platform easier. Newly released automated processes let you respond to customers automatically answering questions, providing product information, even making a sale. With all of this automation, are we losing touch with our customers and, if so, what can we do to stay human on social media?

Your customers demand authenticity. They want to feel like that the content you are sharing is beneficial to them and that you are sincere about posting it. They do not want boring, automated posts whose only purpose is to keep the page active. This is the reason small business owners need to work on the humanization of their social media presence and add that personal touch customers want.

Here are some ways that you can “stay human” on social media and engage better with your audience:

Share something funny. Nothing gets viral like authentic, politically correct humor on social media. Remember to share funny content which is relatable to your audience and also to your brand without being offensive to anyone.

Share “behind the scenes” posts. Working on a new project or moving your business to a new location? Share pictures of your team working on it and remind your audience that your brand is made up of human beings and not robots programmed to throw out sales pitch. This helps to achieve that personal connection customers want and gives you relevant content to post.

Interact with your audience. One of the most important things you can do on your social media platforms is = interacting with your audience. If anyone praises your brand in the comments, reply with a thank you. And if someone complains, express your regrets and assure them of better service in the future. This doesn’t mean that you have to interact with each and every person in the comments, but do choose the ones that have a point you want seen by others.

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