Supercharge your Video Marketing Today!

We all know how fast video marketing is taking over the social media realm and how easy it can be to produce sales through a well-made product or services video. You might also know that adding a relevant video to your blog post or article can greatly enhance its ability to get your message across with more expression and personality than ever before.


Knowing this, you must also know that video marketing can be expensive and has a very high margin of error for those new to this technology. We have all seen the homemade videos that fall far short of their intended goal and often leave the viewer scrambling for their mouse to click away from the site. This happens far too often which is why Social Buzzing offers our video marketing services to create professional, effective videos for your business that get results. These videos are guaranteed to get more views, entice your customers to make a purchase and get your message across to them in a whole new way.


Still, there are many people who would rather go it on their own and take their chances using their own creative minds. For those of you who choose to go this route, we have compiled some of the most popular tools that were designed for the entrepreneur and business owner who wants to create their own video marketing campaigns. Read along and see which ones are right for you.



Animoto is an online video maker that enables users to turn their photos, music and video clips into high-quality slideshows that they can post to their websites. Users can choose from a wide range of video styles and even add background music to their slideshows.



WeVideo is an easy to use platform for making simple online videos designed to express your creative side. With video sharing and storyboard editing as well as a mobile app which lets you upload photos and clips directly from your phone or tablet, WeVideo is a well-rounded competitor in this category.



Magisto is a great choice for creating online videos on a budget. They offer a wide range of editing styles which can help you pull your project together ensuring a quality final product.



Stupeflix lets you easily select photos and videos and transform them into professional quality creations. Their high video and audio quality can provide businesses with professional looking content that allows instant sharing across your social networks.



If you are looking for a fun, animated approach to your videos, try GoAnimate. This is one of the most widely used video content creator due to its simplicity and ease of use even by beginners. Using simple, point-and-click tools, you can create high quality videos in minutes.



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