The Impact Social Media Can Have on Your Business

While there are many studies, statistics and reports about how effective social media can be for helping a business grow, many business owners are still not using social media marketing to its full potential. In fact, a recent report shows that 85 percent of marketers who use social media aren’t clear on which social media tools would work best for their business.


If you are one of these business owners or you don’t really understand the impact that social media can have on your business, read on and learn what many experienced business owners know.


An effective social media campaign offers enhanced brand recognition and thought leadership. To explain this further, the more frequently your brand shows up on social media, the more recognizable it will become. Whether it is your company, your personal brand or a specific product, social media can help introduce it to the world.


Social media also provides increased trust through leveraged credibility. Perhaps your brand gets retweeted by an industry leader. Their audience see that this company feels that your brand or product is worthy of their recognition and this leveraged credibility will help your brand grow. If consumers trust a brand, they will:

  • recommend it.
  • use its products and services frequently.
  • look to it first for the thing they want.
  • pay more for its products and services.


Another advantage of a good social media campaign is that it will give your business a competitive advantage in cold conversions. If a potential customer has narrowed the field down to you and one other small business and you have an active and quality social media presence, they will be more likely to choose your business based on the engaging social media content.


Finally, social media can provide more profits and more customers. Social media isn’t the only way to grow your business and your sales, but studies show that nearly 80% of salespeople who use social media in their selling process have better results than their counterparts who aren’t using it.


We have shown you the many ways social media can impact your small business and how it can act both as a flag to alert potential clients to your brand and as a funnel to flow those same people into your website. If you are deciding if social media marketing is right for your business or if your social media campaign is doing what it should to grow your business, contact the professionals at Social Buzzing today. We will create a social media marketing plan that will enhance your brand, your business and your products online.

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