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The Pros and Cons of a Business Wikipedia Page

It seems that almost everyone has used Wikipedia with many of us using the site on a regular basis. We use Wikipedia so much that it is often one of the first pages to show up in a search engine. With its useful information and interesting facts about people, places and things, it is no wonder Wikipedia is so popular. Why, then, aren’t we using Wikipedia more for marketing purposes?

Can Wikipedia be used effectively for small business marketing? It can, but not in the way you might think. Although a Wikipedia entry for your small business isn’t going to enable you to directly sell more products, it is going to reach and engage more potential customers and add credibility to your brand. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of creating a Wiki business page for your company.


Pro #1: Wikipedia is fact-based and every entry on Wikipedia is laid out similar to a page out of the Encyclopedia Britannica. No opinions, no hype and no marketing ploys are allowed on Wikipedia.

Pro #2: Wikipedia adds legitimacy to your business or brand. Being a third-party, public website, any information posted on your Wikipedia page is much more valuable to potential customers than the information posted on your website.

Pro #3: You can manage your business reputation. By creating your own Wiki business page, you can direct the type of information that’s listed on your page. This way, you can manage your company’s reputation and showcase any information that may be little-known to your customers.


Con #1. Wikipedia isn’t reliable and not everything you read on Wikipedia is a proven fact. The information is based on user entries, and can be changed or modified by anyone who wants to.

Con #2: Anyone can change your Wikipedia entry at any time. That means that upset customers can add or delete information on your Wiki page to make your business look bad. Remember that anything on your Wikipedia business page can be challenged or be modified by anyone.

Con #3: It needs constant patrol. Business owners can’t control all of the information on their Wikipedia page and it is important that they continually monitor the page for any new information that might be incorrect.

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