The Social Buzzing Team Has Done It Again!

UK social media management powerhouse, Social Buzzing has done it again! Through their hard work, diligence and experience creating social media superstars, one of their clients has landed on the feature page of the Daily Mails website.


Daily Mail, the UK’s hottest online magazine platform featured out client, JH Bodyfire’s product in action. A journalist had decided it was time to get those 6-pack abs she has been struggling to achieve her whole life. Here’s the catch though, she didn’t want to give up rashers, bacon or gin! Now, you might be thinking that’s a definite impossibility but, with the help of JH Bodyfire and the surprise of the internet world, she did it! To see her amazing transformation, click on the link here.


Although her success may be uncommon, the success of our client is not. Our team of social media management professionals are always striving to create client success stories and get our clients businesses noticed online. Whether we use, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any of the other social media platforms available, Social Buzzing will help you reach out to and connect with your target audience on a variety of levels.


Just as in the story on Daily Mail, nobody can achieve success alone. Trying to make sense of social media is like trying to make sense of every piece of equipment and workout you see in the gym. It all works, you just have to know how to use it. Using social media for your small business is our job and we can handle all of your social media management needs from start to finish.


If you want the same kind of success for your business as JH Bodyfire is enjoying, contact the professional social media management team at Social Buzzing today and let them turn your business or product into a household name that people all over the world will be clamoring for.



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