Three Challenges of Mobile-Based Social Media Marketing

It is very common for people to access social media platforms using their mobile devices. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms have released dedicated apps, so people don’t need to access them through web browsers on their smartphones. There’s obviously a tremendous advantage to targeting people who habitually use social media, especially on their mobile devices.


Many small businesses are doubling their efforts in this effort. Your social media marketing campaign is only effective if you do it properly. The new focus is on mobile-based social media marketing and this is where many new challenges come into play.


Here are challenges that marketers need to address when they focus on mobile-based social media marketing:


It’s time consuming


This is a drawback of social media marketing. If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, it is important to make sure that people are genuinely interested. With mobile devices, the attention span among mobile users will become even shorter. It will be more difficult to keep people engaged and interested. You need to do plenty of research to make very interesting content and it will consume a lot more of your time.


Long ROI


Your social media marketing efforts should have clear goals. You should be able to improve your customer base to make sure that you can achieve a good return on your investment in a timely manner. You need to boost relevance, if you want to increase sales.


Higher risks of negative publicity


Mobile devices are very powerful tools for promoting your brands and products. Unfortunately, any kind of negativity may have bad impacts on your business. When social media marketers are focusing on the mobile aspect, it is important for them to know that they could expose the brand of the business to new threats. Because commenting through mobile devices is easy, it is more likely for people to post negative things and slander your business. Dissatisfied customers or employees could make fake profiles and post negative reviews of your brand and products. It’s not rare for such negative posts to go viral. When it happens, the situation can be more difficult to control. The marketing team should prepare for this situation. They must quickly do the right things to defuse the situation and strive for more positive reviews online.


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