Top 3 Reasons to Use Video Testimonials for Your Business

A video testimonial is one of the best ways for your business to connect with your customers because it is a form of media that customers can usually relate well to. The video testimonial is growing in popularity and it can be used as an effective form of self-promotion and to bring credibility to your business that no form of advertising could do.


Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons video testimonials are good for your business and how they can help you remain successful now and well into the future.


Video Testimonials Add a Human Element to Your Business

If you need a face that can tell a unique story about your business, there is nothing better or more effective than a good video testimonial. It adds that human element that cold print can’t compare with and a video will always receive more reactions than print will ever get.


As humans, we are naturally wired to react to other humans. If someone says that they like your product and it worked well for them, we perceive it working well for us and often times, end up selling ourselves on the idea of making a purchase.


Video Testimonials Create Stronger Bonds

Where an explainer video will help your customers understand your product or services, a video testimonial will help create a strong bond between your business and your customers. Earning the trust of customers is hard enough in business, but getting repeat customers who are loyal to your brand is even harder. By getting enthusiastic customers to star in your videos is one way of reaching out, not only to them, but to each and every customer that watches the video testimonial.


Video Testimonials are a Powerful Marketing Tool

As a marketing tool, a video testimonial can work wonders for any business in any market niche. You can use them in presentations, as an intro for video-conference calls or as the sole media content for your advertising campaign. Many of today’s top producing companies will use video testimonials as an introduction to their sales pitch to get the customer excited about the products. You’ll notice that versatility is the key quality here. Because of video’s highly adaptable nature, you are no longer limited by how you can choose to market your testimonial. Video is at home in virtually any setting, whether that’s social media or a live, in-person presentation to your clients or partners.


Knowing how a video testimonial can help your business is the first step in utilizing them to their full potential. Use them wisely and watch your company grow; don’t use them at all and, well, you get the point.



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