Top Tips When Advertising Your Business On Facebook

In a fierce social media advertising landscape, you need a lot more than just good content for your business to stand out on Facebook this year. You are probably wondering: what is the best way to get my content noticed on Facebook? And how do I not only get it noticed, but noticed by my target audience? With 94% of businesses now investing in advertising on Facebook, these top tips will help you get the credit online your business deserves.


Who Do You Want To Target?


When we are talking in reference to Facebook advertising, the main focus is not only about the amount of people you are hoping see and engage with your content but the type of people that are seeing and engaging with it. If you are a vegan company, and only meat eaters are seeing your content then you are less likely to be successful online as they are not the main demographic for your product. The two main things to consider when thinking about the correct way of reaching your target audience are:

  • What types of language they use and how do they communicate?
  • What types of content they engage with most often?

Take out some market research to help you find out the answer to these important questions.


The Story Of Your Company


Since the beginning of time, humans have told stories to each other in order to communicate and relate to one another. Of course, we have different ways of telling stories thanks to modern technology other than word of mouth or a book; so take full advantage of this. Make people want to relate to your business or company by telling them the story of the daily goings on of your business and how you came to be. People on social media do not just want to hear just cold descriptions or facts and figures, they are on social media to be social. Therefore, make your content personal and relatable and you will get a much better response than if your profile just seems generic and automated.


Monitor How Well Your Page Is Doing


Social media has given businesses and individuals the amazing opportunity to monitor (in real time) how well their social media adverts are doing.  A decade ago this simply would not of been possible, but nowadays as soon as an ad goes live you can monitor how well it is doing. Based on analytics, you can consider ways in which you can improve your ads next time or edit the amount of budget you are spending on that particular ad. For example, if your ad is not getting a lot of engagement – try upping how much you are spending on it so a wider audience can see it.

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