Twitter Gives Brands DM Buttons for People to Open Links, Post Pre-Written Tweets

Social media has become one of the most important tools for businesses in almost every industry to become more successful, engage better with their customers and to grow their brands more effectively. As one of the digital marketing agency Chester business owners trust most, Social Buzzing recommends using social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter to ensure that our clients have every opportunity to succeed in their niche.

With the increased use of social marketing by businesses, many social media platforms including Twitter are making improvements and adding new features that can help their business users become more effective.

Now, Twitter is rolling out new buttons that businesses can add to direct messages that can direct potential customers to visit their website, post a pre-written tweet, follow the business or open a DM thread with another of the brand’s accounts. The buttons are similar to the quick reply buttons that Twitter rolled out for business’ bots last year. These new buttons are more personal and meant to send people outside of the conversation rather than stay within the conversation as the bots are tasked with doing.

Of the four new buttons, the most important are the ones that trigger people to do things within Twitter, like sending a tweet or following an account. Businesses and social media managers can use the “send a tweet” button to have people publicly share a branded message with their followers. They can’t prevent people from editing the brand’s drafted message to say something else which is a drawback of this feature. The “follow” button can be used to get target audiences to follow a specific businesses accounts.

If a business owns multiple Twitter accounts, they can use the “start a conversation” button to send someone from a direct message thread with one of the brand’s account to another. This is helpful when someone direct messages a brand’s generic account about something that’s better handled by its customer support account.

Finally, we have the “link” button which takes the place of pasting a standard URL in the message. It is more attractive to the user and more efficient for the business owner. With the link button, clicking it opens a web page using Twitter’s in-app browser and returns people to the DM thread when closed. As with the three other buttons, the button’s text can be customised.

To learn more about Twitter and how it can be used to market your business, contact the digital marketing agency Chester business owners trust most, Social Buzzing.


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