Twitter’s Periscope – What It Means for Your Business

Anyone that uses Twitter for their business already knows that they recently launched the live streaming app Periscope for iPhone and announced that there is already an Android version in the works. What does this mean for the small businesses in the UK? A lot, but we will get to that in a minute.


First, let’s talk about live streaming of content. This is the ability for anyone, anywhere in the world to instantly stream what is happening in their life in real time. This is particularly useful for celebrities, bloggers and, of course, today’s businesses. No matter what the industry, being able to connect with your customer base where they live, work and play is beneficial to building customer relations.


Live Streaming Content is Everywhere

Take a look around at YouTube and some of the more popular live streaming networks online and see how the people in the videos are instantly sharing information about local hot spots, attractions and service oriented shops. This kind of live streaming action is exactly what Periscope offers your business and it is what can turn your business into the busiest shop in town!


With live streaming and Twitter’s new live streaming app, Periscope, you can be sure that your customers will soon be live streaming their visits to your shop, salon, restaurant or other service related business in the near future. From the very moment they are greeted at your establishment to the time they are bid farewell, their friends, family and everyone else who subscribe to their feed will experience what you have to offer.


If you just took a step back and imagined what all that entails, that’s a good thing. It shows that you care about your guests’ shopping experience and want them to be completely satisfied with every visit. This is something that will show up in the live streaming video and it will show in every interaction they have with your staff.


This can be both good and bad. Good in a sense that you are getting virtually free advertising as your customers are doing a live promotion for your small business and hopefully enticing more customers to visit. Bad in the sense that anything that goes wrong or any customer service concerns that arise, will instantly be spread throughout the social media realm for people everywhere to see.


So what do you think? Is Periscope good for businesses or bad? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think and how you would use Periscope to attract more customers to your small business today.


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