Upcoming App Wipes Out Your Social Media Mistakes

In the business world, Social Media can make or break you and many business owners and professionals know this all too well. Imagine if you just landed your dream job with one of the largest corporations in the UK; life is good, your career is good and the world seems like it is on your side. Then, a bad tweet from a couple of years ago comes back to derail your career and cause your reputation to tank. Coworkers, employers and competitors spin your Tweets making you sound like one of the worst people in the UK and before you can do anything about it, you are out of a job and the corporate world seems to be shutting their doors to you.


Unfortunately, this is a scenario that happens all too often here in the UK and abroad. Something that we shared on Twitter, Facebook or any of the dozens of other social media sites gets taken out of context and that Tweet or Share suddenly becomes who you are.


Wouldn’t it be nice if someone created a tool that would search through your thousands of social media posts, Tweets, Likes and Shares and clean them up for you, so to speak. Good news, someone did just that!


The app is called Clear and it will begin beta testing very soon. What Clear does is it makes sure situations like the example above never happen to anyone ever again. To achieve this task, Clear uses proprietary algorithms and the assistance of IBM’s Watson supercomputer to scan your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and flags posts it thinks might be considered “negative.” The user then has the opportunity to go through and choose which posts to keep, and which to clear away for good.


The app will scan for any expressions of negativity, disparagement and opinions on topics that usually tend to be controversial. Once you delete all of your negative messages, the app will declare you 100 percent clear and give you another chance at leaving Tweets and posts that reflect you and your business in a more positive light.


Remember, everything you post on social media is posted for the world to see, think twice before you post it and both you and your reputation should still be intact the next morning.



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