Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Audience

How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Audience?

LinkedIn has become the leader in professional social media and is an excellent platform for those looking to expand their network. If you’re not a member it’s worth taking the time to create a profile. You’ll find that LinkedIn profiles are more formal than other social networks, and they’re focused on post-college professionals and business owners. This makes it ideal for a very specific target audience, which also helps with growing your following. Since the followers you gain on LinkedIn are a targeted audience, our goal is to keep them engaged. You can get more followers on LinkedIn by sharing visual posts and articles that are relevant to your target audience. Below are four tips for how to use LinkedIn to grow your traffic.


1. Post A Visual Image


The most common way people share content on professional networks is with a visual image. While it’s the most common, it’s also the most effective. People are more likely to ‘like’ an image, and it helps increase your organic reach by making your post more visible in someone’s stream.


2. Share Articles


If you’re looking to gain an audience on LinkedIn, you need to provide them with a reason to follow you. Some people join groups and share their own content, but that can be a little too self-promoting. Instead, try sharing articles relevant to your target audience on a regular basis. You can provide them with the links on your profile, or you can use a tool like Buffer to schedule your posts and share them when you have time.


3. Link To Yourself


You want people to visit your profile when they land on LinkedIn, so link to it from every other social platform you own. In addition to sharing articles and images, you should also make it easy for people to follow your updates by linking to yourself in other places on the web. Putting your link in the comments section of other blogs, on the bottom of their sites and wherever else you can is a great way to build up your community.


4. Engage


LinkedIn is a business-to-business platform, so unless people reach out to you, it’s going to be difficult for them to engage with you. If you see someone who’s inactive on your profile, ask them how they’re doing or find out what content they like from their previous posts.


Bottom Line


LinkedIn is a great place to engage with professionals and build your network, but you need to keep in mind that LinkedIn is a full-time profession for most people.


LinkedIn is filled with viewers and potential influencers who have hundreds of connections. You have to work hard to stand out. As a professional, you should invest time in building up a presence on social media networks so people can find you when they’re looking for your services.


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