Using Facebook for Effective B2B Sales

It doesn’t matter what size business you have, if you sell goods or services to other businesses (B2B), you can be much more effective at it if you are using social media. It has already been proven that Facebook and other social media channels are very effective at increasing a small business’ profit margin and adding new customers, but did you know that Facebook can also help you increase your B2B sales? Using Facebook advertising the right way can be difficult to learn, but once you know the techniques, you will be able to take your business to business marketing to a new level of success.


At the moment, Facebook advertising for business is an unsaturated market leaving small businesses with more than a handful of options to choose from. You can already target potential clients by age, gender, favorite interests, location and more making it easy to reach out to individual customers, but when it comes to targeting businesses in your niche, using Facebook’s behavior targeting options might prove more useful.


The behavior targeting tools include the ability to reach out to various niches including options for charitable donations, automotive, financial, mobile device user, spending methods, purchasing behavior and more. Two of the most important options included are specifically useful for B2B users: “Small Business Owners” and “Facebook Page Admins.” By using the “small business owner” behavior, we can effectively target any individual on Facebook who owns a small business and has a business page on Facebook.


Taking this to the next level, we can them begin to cross target those business owners that we are most interested in. As an example of this, if your business sells automotive products, you would use the behavioral target of “Small Business Owners” with the interests of “automotive”, “auto parts” or anything else automotive related. The results will include a targeted audience that your business can market to saving you both time and the extra work load of searching businesses the old fashioned way.


If your business needs to be more effective on Facebook and on other social media channels, contact the experts at Social Buzzing today and let us create a solution for you that will help make your business a social media power user and net you the long term success you have been looking for.



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