Using Facebook to Grow Your Brand

Growing your brand in a highly saturated market can be difficult and expensive. It takes the right strategy and the right timing which, for many, can be hard to understand and often overwhelming. Many business owners and experienced online marketers turn to social media as a means of growing their brand affordably and effectively. And the social media platform they choose most often is Facebook.

This isn’t news to many business owners who have used Facebook to grow their brands, but the idea has evolved as Facebook has implemented many tools and resources for small business owners. This means that the old techniques of digital marketing may not work and new strategies have to be created for optimum success.

Social Buzzing, the digital marketing agency Chester business owners trust most, understands how to use Facebook to grow your brand online and we want to share some useful techniques that will help you today.

Ways to Use Facebook to Grow Your Brand

  1. Use split testing in Facebook advertising:

Split testing involves creating two Facebook articles that you can compare against each other. They should be slightly different in theories to help you decide what the motivation was for users to click on, like or share the article.

  1. Share relevant articles:

Posting high quality, relevant content is important for customer engagement. You should be consistent in your posting and the content should be engaging to the reader. If the content is boring or off-topic, the post will receive far fewer likes and shares.

  1. Understand what your audience needs on Facebook:

Know who your target audience is and what they are looking for. If your page delivers it, you will see better response to your posts and more shares which will help to grow your brand. Learn your audience and their habits and post when they are online for better effectiveness.

Facebook is constantly evolving, and your marketing and business growth strategies should evolve with it. To learn more, choose the digital marketing agency Chester business owners use most, Social Buzzing, and let our social media experts help you build your business more effectively today.

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