Do You Want More People To Read Your Posts? Here’s How!

You work very hard to come up with fresh, engaging content for your site or blog and you want people to read it, right? We understand; we all want people to take notice and pay attention to what we have to say and our posts are no different.


If you want more people to read what you post on your site, follow these 10 simple rules to getting your content read more often and by more people.


1. Post Quality Content Regularly

Giving the visitors to your site a reason to come back is what can make or break your site’s blog. Whether you post informational content, humour or something niche related, the best thing you can do is post.


2. Make Your Posts Shareable

Make sure that the content you are posting is shareable. Provide eye-catching pictures or titles and make sure that your posts aren’t too long and boring. Short and to the point is always best.


3. Use Content Curation Tools

When used correctly, content curation tools can help provide you with an array of informational articles that are niche related and that will give you the inspiration you need for your own content.


4. Accept Guest Posts

If you get stuck and don’t know what to write or you just don’t have the time it takes to write quality content, find a guest writer who understands your niche. Sometimes, guest writers can provide links back to their own site in the content giving your site an added boost of readers when they link back.


5. SEO

Being on the first page of Google search results is like having the busiest store in the mall — this is where you want to be. Optimize your posts by creating content that contains keywords you’ve researched and found to be important to your audience.


6. Edit Before You Publish

Editing and proofreading your content is important as it shows your readers that you took the time and that you care about the content you are providing them with. Proper grammar, correct spelling and content that is easily understood can make a big difference to your readers; double-check before you post.


7. Link Building

Two types of links can help with page views:

•Work a related post into the text of your article and link to it.

•Links from other sites have the potential to improve your page views and SEO.


8. Email Marketing

Email marketing still beats all other forms of marketing including, for the time being, social media marketing. Creating a good email marketing campaign is easy and will provide some really effective results.


9. Divide Long Posts

This is a favorite of many authors who often have a lot to say. Rather than posting one long, drawn out post that many readers will soon give up on, divide the posts into separate parts and invite the reader back next read for part two, part three and so on. These are the best kind of posts because not only do they provide your readers with the information they need, if they want more, they have to visit your site again. It’s a win/win for both of you.


10. Use Social Media

Use social media channels to publicize your content. You can post links on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and many other platforms being sure to optimize your use of each one and hire a social media management firm to run your campaign if you don’t know how.



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