What Your Customers Want and How Social Media Can Help You Give it to Them

What Your Customers Want and How Social Media Can Help You Give it to Them

Many UK small business owners think they know what their customers want from them, but do they really? Do small business owners really know what the customers wants or are they just giving them what they think they want? Recent studies have shown that it could be the latter. With such a crowded marketplace out there, it can be difficult to know what every customers wants all of the time and we may not be able to meet everyone’s needs, but with social media, we can come very close.

From these studies, we have created a list of customers wants and how your business can use social media to meet their needs more effectively:

  1. Customers want you to meet their expectations.

Studies show that customer frustration stems from a discontinuity between the expectation of a service interaction, and what is actually delivered. Some businesses underpromise and overdeliver while others take pride in their ability to serve the customer and offer high expectations. Rather than taking chances, you can use social media to know exactly what the customer wants. If you are unsure how to go about using social media for your small business, choose a trusted social media company to create a strategy and to guide you.

  1. Customers want options in how they contact you.

Some business websites have only one way to contact them, while others offer a wide range of ways to contact customer service. If you want to keep your customers happy, be sure that they have a variety of ways to contact you. One of the easiest, and most effective, is through social media. Social media is everywhere your customer is and they can leave a message with your team any time, day or night. Being where the customer is, is the key to meeting customer expectations and having a social media marketing agency Chester business owners depend on to ensure your social media pages are updated and accessible is important.

  1. Customers expect a timely response.

This is where many business owners fell short in the studies. Customers don’t like to wait in line, on the phone or for a call back. Prompt replies aren’t always possible but when your small business uses social media, you will find it much easier to reply faster. Even if you don’t know how to use social media, learning how to respond to customers over your social media pages is easy and any social media company can show you how.

  1. Customers want relationships.

You know the feeling that you get when you go into a shoppe and they know your name and always greet you with a friendly smile? Maybe you have a favourite barista that always makes your drink “just right”. This is the opposite of our online anonymous culture that we live in. But we are seeing a trend where, even online, customers want a relationship with a business and say that it makes them choose that business over any other.

How can you establish a relationship with your customers online? By using social media of course! With social media, your customers can send you a message using their computer or smartphone and usually get an instant reply from you or a member of your team. It is this interaction that customers crave and that your business can give them.

For more information on how your business can use social media to give customers what they want, contact the marketing agency Chester business owners choose most, Social Buzzing. Our social media marketing professionals are standing by to serve you today.


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