YouTube Marketing Techniques For Social Media

As video marketing gains popularity, it has shown proven results to back up its importance. YouTube is statistically the largest video search engine as well as being the second best internet search engine. To remain at the top, YouTube has continuously changed its search and ranking algorithms making it more important than ever for you to keep up-to-date and informed on the latest video marketing techniques.

An outdated strategy can slow you down and provide no real benefits for the efforts you put in. Here is a list of some of the most effective YouTube marketing techniques for social media:


Short Videos Rule!

Studies have shown that many people can’t watch a promotional video for any more than 60 to 90 seconds. Keep your videos short and expect more results and better success rates.


Use Visually Appealing Graphics and Animation

There are a lot of digital tools available that can help you create an animated video to get your message across and there are reports that show viewers respond better to an animated or cartoon video.


Forget Conventional Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Keep it simple, a basic title, description and some Meta tags are all you need. Spend your time on Search Visual Optimization instead.


Avoid ‘Calls To Action’ Styles

Calls to action work, but they are getting old. Change things up by making your videos more interactive than just a typical CTA in your face promo. Many of today’s web surfers are skipping the textual links in the description and moving on to the material anyway.


Represent the Video in Proper Light

Use quality thumbnails that actually relate to the content. Avoid over-animated thumbnails as they tend to look fake.


Cut Down On Cross Promotion

YouTube is growing stronger every day so it’s best to concentrate your marketing efforts there rather than spreading yourself thin and joining their competitor sites.

Using the latest marketing techniques are key to running a successful marketing campaign. Always remember that these types of techniques are niche specific and what works for some, might not necessarily work for everyone. Find out what works for your business and stick to it.

There is no secret to successful online video marketing; just keeping it simple and consistent will give you the results you need and offer long term sustainability for your business.



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