3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Social Media Followers

One of the best ways to make your social media page more effective at increasing sales and building your business is to get more followers. After all, every follower is a potential customer and could even post positive reviews on your page which others will see and become potential sales. That is, as long as those followers are real and not bought.


To some it is important to have thousands of followers on their social media pages because it will give the appearance of success. But what’s better, 10,000 bought followers, or 100 real followers who will actually engage with you and buy your products?


There are many reasons that you should NOT buy social media followers and as the UK’s leading digital marketing firm, Social Media is going to share some of them with you now. But first, if you would like to hire a professional digital marketing firm to create an effective marketing strategy for your business, read the Social Buzzing reviews and contact us for a no-obligation consultation today. Now, let’s take a look at those reasons not to buy social media followers:


3 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy Social Media Followers


Low Engagement- bought, or fake, social media followers are not interested in your products and they won’t engage with you. This is because you aren’t buying real people, only numbers.


You Could Lose Your Account- social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are beginning to crack down on users who buy social media followers including deleting the fake followers or the user account altogether.


Your Real Followers Will Get Spammed- many Twitter and Facebook follower farms will often ask for access to your social media account to add the followers, but once inside, they will spam your actual followers causing you to lose them very quickly.


You Will Lose Your Integrity And Your Reputation- in many cases, it is obvious that you have purchased social media followers. Real followers will begin to see very little engagement, a sudden increase in followers and more spam coming from your page. This will ensure a loss of followers as well as your integrity and business reputation.


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