3 Ways To Determine How Often You Should Post On Social Media

Most small business owners know that by utilising social media, they can reach more potential customers and grow their businesses much more effectively. However, many of those same small business owners don’t really understand social media and how to use it properly. This can become frustrating enough for them to stop using social media altogether leaving their pages without any relevant content or maintenance.


The one thing that frustrates business owners most about social media is knowing when and how often they should post content to their social media pages. While the answer isn’t as clear cut as it seems, determining how often you should post on social media isn’t overly difficult.


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Now let’s take a look at 3 ways to determine how often you should post on social media:


Let Your Goals Decide- what is the goal of your social media marketing campaign? This could be a deciding factor in how often you post on social media. Create a theme for your social media marketing campaign based on your company’s goals and decide if you really should post as often as your goals require. Use the next two steps to help determine this.


Content Creation Capacity- how much content can you create and will it be enough to meet your social media goals and posting themes? If you can create a large amount of content, you should be able to keep up with your posting needs.


The Network Or Networks That You Are Using- deciding how often to post on social media is also based on the network or networks that you are using. Not all social media networks are the same and each one requires a different posting strategy. You can write text on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, but you will have to become more creative on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. You might also benefit from posting more often on one social media network over another depending on your audience.


There really isn’t a set amount that you should post as every business, every customer and every social media platform is different. What’s important is that you post high quality, relevant content.


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