4 Common Marketing Mistakes On Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social network with one billion active users on a daily basis. It also serves larger demographics – teens, adults and seniors from diverse cultural backgrounds. This makes digital marketing campaigns on Facebook highly targeted and effective because marketers can easily find the most relevant segments to their specific niche. However, many marketers fail to make the most out of Facebook, due to some very common mistakes.


4 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes


Posting Just To Post- Facebook is about having engaging and ongoing conversations with potential customers. If you don’t have anything meaningful to say, then don’t say it. Facebook users can sense if a post feels fake. With millions of posts created each day, it is important to make your post stand out. Many digital marketers feel like they have to post each day, just to stay relevant. However, less meaningful posts will dampen engagement rates and tarnish your brand. With each post, you need to be intentional and use a well thought out strategy. Plan ahead, instead of relying on spurts of spontaneous inspiration.


Rigidly Sticking To A Plan- having a rigid plan will cripple your creativity. If there are a few relevant tips that you want to share right now, you should create a post immediately, instead of following a schedule. Facebook users appreciate real-time sharing. Digital marketers must pay attention to what actually matters. If the audience wants a piece of information, you need to provide it right away.


Too Much Product Promotion- people want to see the human part of your business and brand. Posting too many marketing messages will make your brand appears artificial and less interesting. The ratio of promotion messages and meaningful content should be around 1:4. This should convince the audience that your Facebook presence is relevant to their needs.


Lack Of Brand Consistency- it’s fairly easy to establish a strong and consistent brand with Facebook. However, marketers often don’t ensure that consistency shines through in all of their Facebook content. Your audience should be able to notice the characteristic of your brand in each post. You can use different formats and maintain variety, but consistency is essential for your long-term brand sustainability.


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