4 Ways Social Media Marketers Can Interact Better With Potential Clients

Most social media users are already immune to click-bait titles, ads, unsolicited advice, and passive content. This makes it even more challenging for marketers to deliver fulfilling and exciting experiences to their audience. Interactive and engaging content will always re-engage your existing audience and entice new followers.


But, if you want to do this as effectively and efficiently as possible, you need to contact the Social media agency London businesses trust most, Social Buzzing. Let’s take a look at some ways that small business social media marketers can interact better with potential clients.


Here are 4 things social media users should do:


Post Online Surveys- social media users are done with non-interactive, unidirectional posts. They want something more dynamic and immersive. Marketers can post online surveys on their social media timeline to make interacting with potential customers much easier. This is also an effective way to gather useful feedback from the audience.


Use Custom Tab In Facebook- custom tab loads on the Facebook page and it can become a dedicated spot for interactive content. With a custom tab, interactive content won’t be lost among other posts in the timeline.


Post Interactive Content In Comment Section- marketers can inform the audience about interactive content in the comment section as well. As an example, people may ask how much will it cost to build a house. A marketer from a home construction company can give prospective clients a link to calculator page on the company’s official website. This gives people an idea how much they will spend. Marketers should become problem solvers, so they will generate more leads.


Use Facebook Messenger More- not all social marketers optimise the use of Facebook Messenger. Many customers are more willing to interact using Facebook Messenger than calling customer care staff. An effective way is to repeatedly invite and remind customers to use Facebook Messenger. However, marketers should also know how to keep people engaged and entertained through Facebook Messenger.


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