5 Psychological Tactics for Digital Marketing

Every minute, more than a hundred new e-commerce websites are set up around the world. The competition is getting more intense and it’s harder to rank higher in the search engines, even for niche keywords. Fortunately, there are still some tricks that digital marketers can use to gain a significant advantage.


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5 Psychological Tactics for Digital Marketing


Personalise Content- when delivering content in digital marketing, it won’t help if you do the same thing all the time. Marketers shouldn’t look like the next competitor. Instead of making generalised content, it’s much more effective to create multiple posts that work for targeted groups. People have the desire to be recognised and made special. However, this requires you to have good understanding about the needs and wants of your target audience.


Create An “Exclusive Club”- people love being enrolled into an exclusive group. Paying customers could be included into an exclusive club for free. This strategy will motivate people to continue using your product or service. Provide some meaningful perks that regular customers don’t get, such as special deals and giveaways.


Temporarily Stop Selling Certain Best-Selling Products- people value rare items. Stop selling a highly popular item to make it more valuable. People will start hoarding a commodity, when it becomes scarce. However, you need to give proper explanation why you stop selling the product. A good explanation is that there’s a huge demand for the product and you are still waiting for the next batch to arrive from the manufacturing facility. Announcing that you are running out of the stock will induce a flurry of sales.


Use Humour- humorous posts and content can make people more relaxed. When they laugh, endorphin is released, making them more receptive to your marketing messages. You don’t need to do anything wacky or even tell jokes. Just be light and approachable, it will change the way people perceive you. If people feel friendlier and warmer towards you, it is more likely for them to purchase your goods or services.


Prime Them To Buy- people should be primed to buy if you want to get more consistent sales. Write copy that makes it as though people already have the item in their hands. Instead of saying that “if you buy the item”, talk about how to use the item. In psychology, it’s called “priming” – making people think that they are in certain situations.


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