5 Social Media Marketing Facts You Can’t Ignore

New social media marketers often encounter unrealistic expectations and misinformation when creating a social media marketing campaign for their business. Poorly organised marketers can be overwhelmed by the massive amount of social media data that is available to them and it can be difficult for them to keep track on what is important. To help you become more effective in your social media marketing efforts, we are going to take a look at 5 social media marketing facts you can’t ignore.


Here are some crucial facts in social media marketing that any marketer should know: 


It’s A Challenge To Develop Strategy That Matches Business Goal- a business goal isn’t always as simple as getting maximum profit. Marketers should know what matters the most for their business and they need to work towards achieving that goal.


Social Media Marketing Is An Accurate Way To Get An Insight On Consumers- other departments in your company also need accurate information about consumers’ behaviour and perspectives. R&D department can develop products that match users’ preferences based on data gathered from social media.


Consumers Often Buy From Brands That They Follow- by following a brand in social media, consumers have an intimate knowledge about a specific product. They know whether a product will work for them and how to address possible issues. Not only are people more likely to purchase things from businesses they follow, they will spend more too. Marketers must grow their social media community and nurture them consistently. With an effective strategy, it is easy to convert your audience into real customers. Brand affinity can be achieved using social media marketing.


People Learn Things From Social Media- people learn about new products and services through social media. Brand discovery happens quite often when people use social media. It is easier for people to get connected to a brand if they understand the overall value being offered. Marketers need to demonstrate that their products are making life easier for consumers.


Employee Advocacy Is Effective In Social Media- in many businesses, regular employees can be marketers too. Regardless of their departments, employees should be encouraged to post about latest products and services. Relatives and friends will investigate the product further, especially if it’s recommended by someone they trust.


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