5 Ways To Attract Investors With Social Media

Small business start-ups need to raise enough capital for their establishment and initial operations. For this, they will need more than just banks and other financial lending institutions, they will need investors as well. Investors can be found more easily on certain social media platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter. However, when looking for investors on social media, small business owners need to do it carefully to avoid doing their brand a disservice. In social media, professionals need to be authentic and focus on conveying a positive first impression.


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Here are 5 things that small business owners should do on social media to attract investors:


Build Social Proof- an effective way to obtain proper funding is by demonstrating social proof on social media. Small business owners must build traction, showcase proof of concept, establish engagement and obtain meaningful feedback from other professionals.


Be Visible- many venture capitalists and angel investors are active on social media. After email, it’s their preferred method of interacting with potential business owners. Often, communicating with angel investors on social media is like taking low-hanging fruits. Small business owners can introduce themselves to these investors on LinkedIn. Social media is often a noisy environment, but business owners can gain direct route though proper communication. Investors are cautious on social media to avoid any possibility of fraud. To better improve your chance, you need to slowly build your presence organically. It is better for potential investors to be aware of your presence, due to your innovative concepts and ideas.


Maintain Presence- small business owners should remain active on social media. A good way to drill brand awareness into the mind of potential customers is by providing something meaningful. It could be a post or highly informative comment. Remember not to go crazy with your posting. Three or four quality posts each week are enough.


Share Stories- social media is a platform to tell your stories and experience. Angel investors and venture capitalists love to read how people started their businesses from scratch. By telling stories, your business can be the start-up people want to invest in. It takes time to learn the art of storytelling and people must easily understand the essence of your message.


Create Sense Of Urgency- if investors are already inclined to invest in your small business, then sense of urgency could help them to make the decision quickly. Investors want to act quickly, before your idea hits the mainstream media. Make compelling reasons why investors should take action right now.


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